Christmas Farm

Kennels & Cattery

Christmas Farm

Kennels & Cattery

Christmas Farm Kennels & Cattery

Picketts Lane




email: [email protected]

tel: 01293 783936


email: [email protected] | tel: 01293 783936    

Opening Times

All dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated.  

Please bring vaccination certificates with you.



Feeding & Medicines


Mon - Sat                All other times drop off and pick up by

9am - 1pm                           arrangement only

We are able to offer many different types of food which keeps most dogs and cats happy.  However if your pet has a special dietery requirements please discuss this at the time of booking.

Please discuss medical conditions at time of booking and then bring in any prescribed medicine.  There is no extra charge for administring medcines.


Book as early as you can – particularly during peak periods

(e.g. School Holidays, Summer, Easter and Christmas).

A minimum charge of five days  is made for bookings over the Christmas period.

In the event of owners returning early the full period booked is still payable and will be charged.